• Step 1

    Complete Our Let’s Get Acquainted Form

  • Step 2

    Once your form has been received you will receive a call from our Director of Franchise Sales. We will discuss your background and your area of interest.

  • Step 3

    Complete Our Financial Application. The application is non-binding-however it will provide our team the confidence that you do have the financial ability to open a TOSSED Restaurant

  • Step 4

    The next step is to have a call with AT (Tossed Head Lettuce-AKA Chief Operating Officer) or Matt (Majority Owner)

  • Step 5

    Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Electronically to begin your first step in the discovery process

  • Step 6

    Schedule and attend a Discovery Day. Meet the Tossed Team.

  • Step 7

    Talk with existing Franchise Partners and Validate the Brand.

  • Step 8

    Discuss Territory & Franchise Agreement

  • Step 9

    Sign Franchise Agreement

  • Step 10

    Begin on boarding process with Tossed Team